help desk

Customers are the starting and ending point for all APSCO's business processes. Our performance is measured by customer satisfaction. We are committed to anticipating our customers' needs and responding through an interactive process which allows us to provide highest levels of workmanship and service. Therefore, APSCO has developed a customer services department that ensure a flawless interaction with its customers. Customer Services department is intended to respond to APSCO's customers' needs similar to:

  1. Order execution
    • Placing orders
    • Check Product availability
    • Check credit status
    • Manage Transportation to customer site
  2. Ensure right documentation
    • Invoicing
    • Delivery note
  3. Complaint management
    • Receive complaints from customers
    • investigate the complaint
    • Provide feedback to customer
    • Take corrective/preventive actions
    • Ensure customer satisfaction
    • Email

      Phone: +966-92-000-3525

      Fax: +966-2-637-0966