During the JIG Members' Technical Forum Held on the 7th to 9th November 2017  at the Lensbury Resort in London, UK, JIG awards APSCO with a certificate for sites inspected to JIG Standards in 2017. JIG was delighted with the commitment of APSCO in promoting and implementing the JIG Standards at its locations. JIG added that APSCO’s enthusiasm and success will make a difference to Fuel Quality Assurance and Safety, for APSCO's stations and airline customers.

APSCO’s presentation for Building Safety Culture received a great appreciation from each member and everyone inspired the way with which we are implementing it down to the workforce level. JIG leadership also value APSCO’s participation in all the major JIG events which reflects its urge to comply with the latest technology while focusing on safety and fuel quality 




APSCO had an official ceremony at Abha International Airport, Bisha Domestic Airport and Jizan Regional Airport, in which Joint Inspection Group (JIG) certificate was being shared with airport authorities by APSCO’s Aviation Operations Manager Mr. Sahal Tahir. The ceremony was well received and APSCO’s efforts in complying with (JIG) standards were greatly appreciated.

 APSCO has been a member of JIG since 2008 and has been actively contributing in the JIG Technical Forums and Manager workshops for the development of the JIG Standards.