APSCO Annual meeting 2017

As always at the beginning of each year, the Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO), held its usual annual meeting in the Levanto Ballroom in Jeddah; in the presence of a group of the company's highest management, led by Mr. Mohammed Alireza, CEO of the company. In addition to a number of senior officials of the company and its staff. The meeting, as well, was attended by senior delegation of ExxonMobil. This annual meeting occurs to the closure of last year's business; to talk over the results and look into the strengths and weaknesses that have come out over the past year.

The attendees discussed the general guidelines for the company's various activities during the current year; to maintain the excellent results achieved last year, as well as to strengthen the company's presence in the local and regional markets. The meeting also included honoring a group of the company's staff who has spent long time with the company, as well as honors workers who contributed to enhance the company's performance in various areas.
The meeting also witnessed a wide participation from the audience during the reviewal of the company's various activities during the last year, where results were discussed with all transparency, particularly with respect to the company's business in neighboring countries, which suffered a lot because of the unstable political and security conditions.
Addressing the audience, Mr. Mohammed Alireza, CEO of the company, praised the honored staff and attendees, and thanked them for their efforts that have contributed a lot to the growth and development of the company. He, as well, denoted to the economic conditions affecting the world and the region nowadays; because of continued insecurity and falling of oil prices, and rising prices for raw materials used in many products manufactured by APSCO.
He added: "We have achieved excellent results last year, results that exceeded our expectations, such great results reflect the tireless and keen efforts of our staff at all levels. Now we top list of lubricants producers in Saudi Arabia, we also lead sales of other products. "
Meanwhile, Mr. Khalid Altayeb, Director Lubes & Specialties, commented as saying:" Last year was hard for everyone, but with the help of Allah Almighty; we handled to master a set of obstacles and challenges, not only that, but we have attained a significant increase in terms of sales. We hold the right to be proud and cherish our staff in their relevant places. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust in us and in our products. "
In their speeches at the meeting, heads of departments, including Engineer Kamal El-Din Hussein, Sales Manager, addressed the audience about the accomplishments of their sections, and praised the marketing and production policies pursued by Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO) to strengthen its place in the market and maintain a steady growth.