DSC 6907The world's famous football match "El Clásico" between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the Spanish football champions league (La Liga); turned into an exciting media event between fans of both clubs in Saudi Arabia. The event was sponsored by the Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO), the sole manufacturer and marketer of the famous "Mobil 1" oil in Saudi Arabia.
El Clásico (Spanish) is the name given in football to any match between fierce rivals Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona.
A large number of press members, fans of the Spanish Champion League (La Liga) enjoyed watching the most exciting match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the return phase of the championship, in thrilling and passionate atmosphere, where the match ended 3-2 for Barcelona.
Commenting on this exciting match, Mohammed Islam, the Marketing Manager at APSCO, commented as saying:" We always do our best to distinct ourselves in exciting occasions such as football matches, the exciting match between Real Madrid and Barcelona (El Clasico) either in the Spanish league (La Liga), in particular, or in the European Championships League, in general, always enjoy high media attention worldwide. For us, this is a good opportunity to shed light on "Mobil 1" motor oil, which is a major sponsor of the Spanish League.
Islam added: "Mobil 1 is a major sponsor of many Saudi famous football clubs, including Ettihad FC in Jeddah, Alhilal FC in Riyadh and Ettifaq FC in the Eastern region. Our sponsorship of the major football clubs in the country comes within our strategy to be as close as possible from our customers; football matches are the most viewed sports events, and are perfect way to promote our products and spread wide awareness of "Mobil 1".
Noting that the match finished as 3-2 for Barcelona, such result created lots of cheering and excitement among the press members who watched the match passionately.