(AGO) The Arab Gold Oils Company (AGO) announced the opening of the first position in Nador, north of Morocco. The Eastern Company provides Abscco Lubricants products through three outlets for sale in the presence of Mr. Khaled El Tayeb,Mr. Al-Khansawi Yousuf (AGO) and General Manager of the company and a large number of businessmen and workers in the automotive lubricants and lubricants sector in addition to the local press.

 The opening of this center is the starting point for the opening of more centers in various cities in the east of the Kingdom of Morocco to meet the expected high demand for the products of APESCO, which will compete vigorously in the Moroccan market by providing high quality oils in Nador as well as other cities such as Casablanca and Beni Mellal Fez and Marrakech