Jeddah - Launching operations in 1961, the Arabian Petroleum Supply Co. SA (APSCO) was established as a joint stock company by shares in partnership with Mobil Corporation (now ExxonMobil). The Saudi partners recently acquired ExxonMobil's share and APSCO is now a 100% Saudi owned company. Its activities include marketing of Mobil lubricants, petroleum products, aviation fuels and marine bunkers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

APSCO is the one of the largest, longest serving private sector company of this nature within the Kingdom and has a reputation for world class service and technical support and strong commitment to its sizable customer base.

Mobil lubricants marketed in Saudi Arabia are imported for specialty products and locally blended for most products. The supply network services the retail sector as well as the industrial, marine, aviation and agricultural sectors.

Providing the overall leadership, direction and vision, Mr. Khalid Altayeb serves as Director of APSCO/Mobil Lubes KSA. Performing all duties as necessary to ensure continued soundness and stability of operations, he provides responsibility for both the day-to-day running of the business and creating new business opportunities and strategies for the long term future of APSCO/Mobil Lubes.

Playing a key leadership role within the Company's structure, he fulfills a motivational role for his workers in addition to his more office-based work. Motivating and mentoring members of the management team and chairing meetings, Mr. Altayeb leads and drives the Company as well as develops a positive and flourishing culture for the Company with the goals of reaching new clients, expanding existing relationships, ensuring a steady stream of revenues and delivering outstanding returns to shareholders and value added to clients.

Given the remarkable performance at work and his ability to adapt to different working conditions, he was selected for inclusion in International WHO'S WHO Historical Society and listed in the 2010 edition of International WHO'S WHO of Professionals.

Inclusion is an accomplishment in itself. International WHO'S WHO Historical Society recognizes the achievements of qualified professionals while simultaneously providing a practical, reference-quality, business-to-business directory of its exclusive membership. Membership and biographical listings in the International WHO'S WHO of Professionals directory is a highly selective process. New members are selected following an in-depth interview and biographical review.