8For more than 16 years, Arabian Petroleum Supply Co. (APSCO) continues its programs to support Traffic and Security safety and awareness campaigns, including "Friend of Safety", "National Traffic Safety" and "Traffic Week" campaigns, such support have played an important role in raising awareness of traffic safety among the public.

In recognition of their national role in supporting national traffic and security awareness campaigns, Colonel Saad Al-Ghamdi, Director of Patrols in Jeddah Governorate, presented an honorary shield to "APSCO", the shield was received by Mr. Khalid Al-Tayeb, General Manager of Lubricants.

On this occasion, Mr. Khalid Al-Tayeb, said" "We are not the only ones who provide support for awareness-raising campaigns, serving our community in varies fields, particularly in traffic and security safety campaigns, is an integrated part of our marketing strategy. For more than 16 years we have launched many awareness programs in collaboration with Traffic Police and Patrols Department, our programs have played an important role in raising of the awareness of road and driving safety. We hope that these campaigns continue in playing its role, and we shall continue our support for the benefit and safety of our society."