Jeddah – The Arabian Oil Supply Company (APSCO), dealer of “Mobil 1”, announced recently its sponsorship of four Saudi clubs namely: Etihad and Alahli from Jeddah, and Alnser and Alshabab from Riyadh. Such sponsorship represents the most magnificent event for the Saudi important clubs as it would enhance the importance of the Saudi Cup Tournament in general and the Saudi football in particular.

Commenting on this important step, Ahmed El-Ramly, Marketing Manager for both “Mobil” and “Mobil 1” brands, said:” This step comes in line with the marketing strategy of "Mobil 1", which is best known for its international commitment to support sport in general and football in particular, along with its long lasting alliance with many prestigious global sport events.” El-Ramly added:” We're happy to be part of the success of the Saudi cup tournament, the strongest football tournament in the Arab world. We do believe that the Saudi cup tournament will benefit most as a result of this partnership, as it shows great attractive to global companies, and also contributes to the development of football in the Saudi Arabia.” He further confirmed:” We will do our best to strengthen clubs under this sponsorship competitiveness capabilities, enhance the football culture and enriching experience of football fans of the teams holding the famous brand "Mobil 1", as well as enhance consumer’s confidence in the world’s strongest brand.”

Under this sponsorship agreement, “Mobil 1” will be entitled to create various sport-related activities, as well as, participation in many sport opportunities and events to enable sport fans to interact and enjoy their football passion with their favourite clubs. In addition, to strengthen “Mobil 1” brand through using a number of the renowned football players in these football teams to participate in its marketing campaigns.

"Mobil 1” lubricants will be named as the official oil of these clubs. El-Ramly concluded his comments after signing the sponsorship agreement by saying:” We are very proud to sign a partnership agreement with Etihad, Alahili, Alnaser and Alshabab sport clubs for two years. This another great achievement contributes to the enhancement of our presence in the Saudi Arabia, because we are well aware that soccer has a great number of fans in Saudi Arabia, we do look forward to work closely with other Saudi teams to widen and promote this sponsorship in the future.”