Jphoto-1eddah- Jeddah Traffic Police Directorate honors the Saudi Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO) in recognition of its effort for support the Traffic Police programs and activities related road safety, traffic regulation awareness as well as its active participation in the GCC Traffic Week.

On this occasion, Mr. Khalid Al-Tayeb, Director of Lubricants and Specialties, expressed APSCO's management appreciation for such honor, and assured that the company's support to the Traffic Police efforts comes within its strategy to serve the local community. Al-Tayeb, as well, urged all citizens to support the Traffic Police efforts, he also praised Traffic Police efforts in spreading of cooperation spirit among national companies for the best interest and security of the society.

Major Zaid Al Hashim, Director of Public Relation Department at Jeddah Traffic Police Directorate, presented the honorary shield to Mr. Khalid Al-Tayeb at his office.