Photo 1 official photo Jeddah – 'Mobil1' campaign with Saudi elite footballers from both clubs, Alahli and Al-Ittihad, campaign achieved unprecedented success, where thousands of both clubs' enthusiasts and fans participated in the campaign, which took place at the last Jeddah Motor Show.

Within the context of the campaign, APSCO gave the opportunity to fans to take memorial photos with their favorite players, and then the taken photos were uploaded to the company's page on the social networking 'Facebook', to enter the contest, which required the winning photo to get the highest number of 'like'. APSCO allocated a Peugeot RCZ car as a prize for the winning photo.

Upon the conclusion of the contest, the winning picture, which got the highest number of 'like' from visitors and browsers of APSCO page on the 'Facebook', was uploaded. After announcing the results, the photo of Adel Mohammed Shamakh got the first place, where his photo got 4313 'like', and thus he received the prize, which presented by APSCO in recognition of the success of its campaign. Mr. Anas, Ismail Gaid, Sales Manager of cars lubricants, presented the prize in a special ceremony held by APSCO – MOBIL to mark the end of the campaign.

Meanwhile, Ahmed El-Ramly, Marketing Manager of APSCO 'Mobil 1' assured that the company values the effective and successful participation of visitors to its site, and pleased to offer this prize in appreciation and pride for their trust, as well as to maintain its ongoing communication with them, bearing in mind that 'Mobil 1' is a major sponsor of Saudi prominent sport clubs

He noted that taking photos with the players' event at Jeddah Motor Show had great success, which reflects the huge number fans for both teams in Jeddah, it also reaffirms the correct approach of 'Mobil 1' to co-sponsor and support both sport clubs in their march in the Saudi football tournament in order to achieve the best results.