DSC00291Jeddah- Arabian Oil Supply Company (APSCO), manufacturer and marketer of 'Mobil' oils in Saudi Arabia,organized a seminar in the Egyptian city of Al-Ghardaqah on the importance of synthetic oil and its role in reducing crashes and increase the productive capacity of factories and equipment. The symposium was attended by many experts and engineer of Saudi cement industry, as well as experts from Exxon Mobil.

A number of 'APSCO' oil production experts addressed the attendees about the role of 'Mobil' synthetic oil for heavy equipment, which 'APSCO' produces and markets, in protection of the equipment s in increasing its efficiency.

In particular, the speakers focused on Mobil synthetic oil 'SHC', where engineer Kamal Eldin Hussein, Marketing Manager of 'APSCO' explained the merits of 'SHC' synthetic oil in terms of helping in the enhancement of operations, increasing of working life of equipment and improve productivity in view its various benefits which can's provided by mineral oils at its best.

He further noted that under harsh operating conditions, such as high temperatures, heavy loads, work pressure and frequent start and stop operation under different temperature, Mobil SHC oil is more important help to ensure reliable operations for different parts of the equipment.

Engineer Hussein assured that the maximum run of Mobil synthetic oil is much higher than the maximum run of best quality of mineral oil under extreme temperatures, with excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, Mobil synthetic oil 'SHC' can reduce the formation of sediments while extending oil change intervals.

Noting that Mobil synthetic oil 'SHC' also works well when operating in environment with low temperature, while the mineral oils tend to oxidation and loss of viscosity. The high viscosity improvers of Mobil oil 'SHC' give the oil the ability to flow under low temperature, providing optimum viscosity which helps protect all parts of the engine under extreme temperatures.