IMG 2954Jeddah – June 19, 2016: Within its distinguished services to ensure customers’ satisfaction, Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO), manufacturer and marketer of "Mobil 1" oil, recently launched on-spot engine oil change through a modern fleet of mobile stations fully equipped to handle all types of cars.

This new premium service aims at reaching more customers, as well as assist them in the best manner in view of tough climate conditions during summer. This extra service will save its clients time and efforts, where APSCO, upon request, will send its quick service mobile stations to its customer to change engine oil of his car wherever the car is.
Commenting on this new distinguished service, Mohammed Islam, “Mobil 1” Marketing Manager, said that through this service we aim at diversifying our direct services to our customers, which comes within the general framework of our new marketing plans.
He added: "We constantly endeavor to offer new services to express our appreciation to our customers. The summer heat and the busy days of many car owners spur us to set up this service. We do trust that it would conform to their satisfaction.”
A group of fully equipped mobile stations along with technical staff will be receiving phone calls from clients and schedule serving their cars.

nullMaintaining maximum safety and security for regulators, drivers and spectators at closed car racing circuits tops laws and regulations of motorsport worldwide.
The Track car racing circuit in Jeddah, under the sponsorship of Mobil 1, has always sought to apply international safety standards adopted in motor racing to ensure the safety of drivers, regulators and the public, where the circuit has its safety car that fully equipped with all safety means to be ready to intervene if needed during races.
Mobil 1, through its sponsorship of many car racing teams, national and international championships, aims at increasing awareness of traffic safety and safe driving.