Kick 2016

kick off 2016Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO) held its annual meeting at its headquarters in the industrial city in Jeddah,
With the presence of Mr. Mohammad Alireza, the Managing Director, as well as a Prince Mohamed bin Feisal bin Abdullah Al-Saud the official racer for Al Ghassan Motor sport racing team, in addition to APSCO staff. The meeting was held to review the achievements of the company through significant superiority in high percentage of sales as well as the successful implementation of the company's marketing plan for 2015.

The occasion has become a yearly event for gathering of senior managers of the company with their staff. This year's meeting was well organized and formed a family interaction for all company's employees.
During the meeting, the attendees discussed the goals that they are looking forward to achieve in the year 2016 under the slogan "Our customer’s our proud " as an indication of the commitment of all employees of the company to one goal which is to serve customers service and meet their requirements.
In the course of the meeting, all department managers have reviewed plans implemented last year and goals achieved, particularly regarding sales in both domestic and international markets.
Meanwhile, Mohammed Islam , Apsco marketing manager presented an overview about the year 2015 in terms of successes, sales achievements, production, factories development and the implementation of the company's marketing plan established at the beginning of last year, as well as the company's strategies and goals for the year 2016. In his speech at the event, he assured that APSCO has many goals in the 2016, and noted that all company's staff, as usual, are determined to implement all projects developed in precision and perfection.
At the meeting, some employees were honored for their excellent performance during 2015 and others were honored for their long services in the company.

High res"Mobil 1" oil "Gianto" billboard, which was launched recently in Jeddah-Makkah highway, turned into a landmark and attracts fans and enthusiasts of both sport clubs, Alittihad and Alhilal.
"Gianto" billboard, which features two separate shots, one for the legendary captain of Alittihad football team, Mohammed Noor, showing off his high football skills, while the second shot is for the captain of Alhilal football team, Yasser Al Qahtani, also demonstrating his football skills. "Gianto" billboard covers an area of 525 square meters, making it longer by 35% of any advertising board hanging on local and global highways.
Commenting on this gigantic billboard, Mohammed Islam, Marketing Manager at the Arabian Petroleum Supply Co. (APSCO), the producer and marketer of "Mobil 1" Oil", said:" This record-sized billboard will create wider awareness and attention among fans of both clubs in particular, and among visitors and motorists who use Jeddah-Makkah highway daily, in general. "Gianto", also expected to receive significant coverage in the media, and thus will create greater awareness and wide exposure of "Mobil 1" oil and our relationship with the Saudi sports clubs among the public."
"We are very proud of the "Gianto" as being an integrated and innovative work, as well as, combines the two largest fan-base widespread sports clubs in Saudi Arabia." He added.
It took about four weeks to complete the "Gianto", which is believed to be the largest of its kind hanging on highways worldwide, and only high-quality materials used for the production of it. Noting that the two shots were printed separately and assembled at the location in a process mostly like assembling of a giant jigsaw puzzle.