Khalid AlTayebInterviewed by Mosbah Maatouq
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Alameed and Selah ….. Professional quality work

Manager of Lubes and Specialties at APSCO (Mobil 1) Khalid Altayeb (decision makers), revealed that the new special sponsorship, which has been reached with Alittihad Club, will be effective during the competitions next season, God willing.

(Altayeb), through his media debut via (Alnadi) newspaper, stressed that the reclamation of their sponsorship was established on their entire knowledge that Alittihad Club has a long and large popularity, and stated that they are linked with other sport clubs, and that support social responsibility programs, and conduce to promoting awareness among athletes, particularly young people. The interview proceeded as follows:

We praise Mobil 1 signing of a partnership contract with Mobil 1?

Thank you very much. By God will, we anticipate that this partnership will be a privileged partnership between the two parties, and we pray to God to guide us, our fans and Alittihad Club to the best.

Why the contract is for two seasons only, why not for five years as usual?

Mobil 1 is not new in sponsorships area, and it reads very well its connections with sports entities. Alittihad Club is huge and considered one of the most significant and oldest clubs in Saudi Arabia, however, the contract is renewable for similar period(s). Noting that, as a company, we have been sponsoring Alameed for more than 4 seasons.

Are you keen on investing in the sports market? And where were you the past years?

Mobil 1 entered the sports market 5 seasons ago, we are supporters of this area and any other area where we find interaction with youth.

The golden bleacher

What is the main reason that urged you to sign this contract with Alittihad Club? Is it the name of the club or its large fan base?

Good question... you are aware that the Club is an integral part of football history in Saudi Arabia, and it is the most important club in Saudi Arabia and of course enjoys a huge fan base, this is plus other reasons that led us to associate our name with it.

Will you sign similar contracts with other clubs?

We are bound by contract with the Alhilal Club from the last season, and we always look to find any opportunity that corresponds to the company's strategy and standards.

Previous agreements

When was your first agreement with Alittihad?

Our first agreement was 4 or 5 sport seasons ago.

Who initialized the sponsorship agreement, was it an official from the club, or was it an official from Selah?

Alittihad and Selah are part of the agreement and both complement each other. We found both professional.

Public interaction

What are you going to offer to Alittihad Club, and where would be Mobil 1 logo on the team uniform?

We will work hard to interact with the public in accordance with the company's strategic plan, and we do hope to meet their expectations and beyond.

Are there any special offers for the club fans?

There will be certain offers included in the plan, and will disclose the details of the plan during the sports season.

Sponsoring of youth activities

Why Mobil 1 showed interest in sponsoring of sports and specifically football?

In Mobil 1, we are very keen to enter the sport area and sponsoring youth sports, especially football because it became very popular in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

What other areas does the company support in addition to sport activities?

The renewal of partnership with Alittihad marks the success of the first phase, which was launched in 2011. Meanwhile, we pay great importance to corporate social responsibility programs and social activities, as well as effective contribution to the development of awareness among sports fans.

A final word

I would like to take this opportunity to thank (Alnadi) newspaper and wish all parties all the best.

Excs 9 logoFollowing the successful marketing plans for the 9th edition of the Luxury Motor Show (EXCS), which will be held in Riyadh in October; Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO), the producer and marketer of Mobil oils, renewed its sponsorship for this prominent show, which commensurate with the strategic business plans of the company, according to Mr. Khalid Al-Tayeb, Director General of Lubricants and Specialties. Al-Tayeb added after signing the sponsorship contract between APSCO and Specialized Systems for Exhibitions and Conferences, the organizing company of the 9th edition of the Luxury Motor Show (EXCS).

Al-Tayeb stressed the importance of participation in this specialized show where the most luxurious cars, particularly super sports cars like Bentley, Porsche and other high-level famous models that use Mobil 1 oils, and said:"We have found that our sponsorship of the Luxury Motor Show (EXCS) constitutes an important step to showcase our products and services in this highly sophisticated motor show, which has proved throughout its previous sessions to be a very successful and influential." He added: "EXCS Luxury Motor Show session for this year is consistent with the launch of a new product from Mobil oils, which will represent an added value to all cars using Mobil 1 oil."

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Shamasi, CEO of the show organizing company, expressed his appreciation for APSCO's renewal of the sponsorship contract for the 9th edition of the Luxury Motor Show, and said:"The sponsorship of such a large national company forms an important incentive for developing specialized exhibitions such as the Luxury Motor Show, as the organizing company, are very proud for this sponsorship that no doubt would have a vital role in the enhancement of the show, and raising of level of demand."