On Wednesday 11/10/2017 APSCO had an official ceremony at King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) Jeddah, in which KAIA - Joint Inspection Group (JIG) certificate was being shared with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) and airport authorities by APSCO’s Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Alireza , and Fuels Director Eng. Azzam Qari. The ceremony was well received and APSCO’s efforts in complying with (JIG) standards were greatly appreciated.

APSCO has been a member of JIG since 2008 and has been actively contributing in the JIG Technical Forums and Manager workshops for the development of the JIG Standards.

JIG introduced a new process, “Inspected to JIG Standards” (IJS) and APSCO has become an early adopter of the process. APSCO has implemented the IJS process across all of its sites within the kingdom. The process requires that an approved JIG inspector inspect each facility every year in order to ensure consistency in complying with the highest aviation standards. As per the process, any location that is inspected by a duly accredited JIG Inspector, will have an inspection rating of satisfactory or good, and can be added to the list of recognized sites held by JIG. APSCO also managed to accredit two employees as approved JIG inspectors.

APSCO took part in the 8th Arab Air Carriers Organizations (AACO) fuel forum in Casablanca as a proud diamond sponsor helping ensure the success of yet another event. Following the success of Dubais Forum, the second fuel forum took placefrom the 1-3 of October at theHyatt Regency Hotel.

The forum brought together some of the leading professionals of the industry under the same roof. Featuring a number of speakers who discussed various factors such as the economic outlook, the prospects that await in the jet fuel market, and the issues of environment, efficiency and sustainability, among other topics, the forum proved to be a successful event. Aside from the insightful discussion, the forum also served as a wonderful networking opportunity, allowing the different cogs of the industry to intermingle and discuss their future plans, while critically thinking the important topics addressed.

Devoted to discussing and dispersing information pertinent to the aviation industry and its development, APSCO assisted in making sure the event ran smoothly, and took charge in making the necessary preparations for the set up. In addition, Eng. Azzam Qari, APSCOs Fuels Director and Chairman of the AACO Fuel Advisory Group (AFAG) delivered the opening speech to welcome the attendees, and shed some light on the importance behind the event. Eng. Azzam Qari, APSCOs Fuels Director, also played in integral role, as he was part of the panel for the discussion on Environment, Efficiency, and Sustainability, a key topic of the forum, one that is expected to reshape the industry.

With a strong presence in the market, APSCO prides itself in remaining an active member in the industry. By supporting the Arab Carriers, through AACO, serving the Arab Airlines and interest they both share, APSCOs helps raise the industry to new heights reaching greater milestone each time. Suffice it to say, the AACO Fuel Forum, is simply the latest.