ABED5626Jeddah - Mobil 1 registered a double presence in the first edition of Jeddah Rally 2014, where it supported the main participants of the Rally, which was organized under the supervision of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation (SAMF).

In the presence of his Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Bandar, head of SAMF and a large number of motorsport fans, the renowned rally driver, Ahmed Al-Sabban hit the Rally track on board of his Mobil 1 branded car Ford Raptor, which is classified under Group 'T2', in his long-awaited participation in Jeddah Desert Rally.

"I waited so long for this rally to be organized in my city, Jeddah, this is a dream come true. Mobil 1 supported me strongly through sponsoring my participation in the Rally." Said Al-Sabban upon entering the demonstration stage.

On this occasion, Ahmad Elramli, Marketing Manager at APSCO "Mobil 1", assured that motorsport is one of the company's priorities not locally only, but globally as well. The sponsorship offered to a number of rally drivers comes within our strategic plans in this area, and added:" The positive results and the active presence of the drivers will encourage us to continue our sponsorship to the local champions."

Noting that Mobil 1 is a major sponsor of many motorsport champions around the world, particularly the "Formula 1" races, where its sponsored teams achieve impressive results

Group PhotoJeddah – Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (ASPCO), held its annual meeting at Park Hyatt Hotel in Jeddah, with the presence of senior executives, led by Mr. Mohammad Alireza, the Managing Director, and a number of senior officials of the company and its employees, on the occasion of closing the works of the past year as well as to evaluate the sales program success through which APCSO posted substantially high sales. During the event, APSCO, as well, reviewed the successful implementation of its marketing plan for 2013.

This gathering has become an annual occasion for meeting of APSCO family to celebrate the achievements of the previous year and to discuss goals of the next year.

This gathering witnessed a comprehensive review of the company's sales achievements both locally and internationally, noting that APSCO is running the marketing operations of Mobil products not only in Saudi Arabia but also in Lebanon and Yemen, and expanding its marketing services to some Arabian and African countries, which were reflected positively on the company's sales.

During the event, Mr. Mohammad Alireza, the MD, and Mr. Khalid Altayeb, Director of Lubricants and Specialties at APSCO, honored a group of employees who have served the company a long time, they also honored a large number of employees from various departments for their efforts that they have made in 2013.

Meanwhile, Mr. Khalid Altayeb, in his speech at the event, said that APSCO is looking forward to achieve various goals in the new year, adding that all staff are determined, as usual, to implement all the company's plans. He also thanked all the employees in the company and urged them to continue to maintain advanced status that the company has achieved with their support.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed Elramli, Marketing Director, reviewed the company's marketing plan of last year in terms of achieving successfully its goals, where a significant rise in sales was posted. He, as well, reviewed the company's strategies and goals for 2014.

On the other hand, a number of departments managers including Engineer Ali Awad, Director of oils mixing plant, and Mr. Kamal Eldin Hussein Director of Synthetic Lubricants sector, and Mr. Anas Qaid form auto sales sector, and Mr. Tariq Khader from the export sector, reviewed their departments activities and accomplishments during the past year, as well as their plans for this year, and thanked all staff for their keen cooperation and hard work to get to such dazzling successes.