Untitled1Jeddah - APSCO "Mobil 1" participated in the 35th edition of the Saudi International Motor Show 2013 with the presence of football team players of both Alahli and Alitihad Clubs. During the show, fans of both clubs had the opportunity to meet their favorite stars and take pictures with them at its stand.

From Alahli football team, Mobil 1 hosted both Abdullah Mayouf and Walid Bakhashwain, and from Alitihad football team both Fahad Al Mowalad and Abdul Rahman and Al-Ghamdi.

As part of its activities at the show, Mobil 1 organized a special photographing contest and dedicated valuable prizes for best photos taken with the football players. Photos were uploaded at the company's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ApscoMobil1), and site surfers were asked to post their 'like' clicks, the wining photos were the ones which got the highest 'like' clicks.

Mobile 1 presented various prizes including iPhone 5, iPad mini, tickets for attending matches between Alahli and Alitihad football teams.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed El-Ramly, Marketing Manager at APSCO "Mobil 1" said: "We are always pleased to communicate with young people and offer them what they are looking for, particularly during the Saudi International Motor Show which attracts large numbers of them to learn more about the latest car models."

He added: "For the second consecutive year, we granted the opportunity for fans of both Alahli and Alitihad clubs to meet their favorite stars and take pictures with them through our stand at the show, as well as encouraging them to upload such photos on our page at the Facebook in order to compete among each other, we as well encouraged our site visitors to vote by clicking 'like' for the best photos to win prizes for their owners."

He further noted that visitors of the Saudi International Motor Show participated heavily in the contest, which reflects the large turnout of fans of both teams in Jeddah. APSCO Mobil 1 is very keen to keep in touch with young people, to continue offering them best offers and highest quality of Mobil 1 products as young people are the wider segment of car users.

d92cd30df990409590bcd6cb0157f8b0Jeddah- Jeddah Traffic Directorate honored Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO Mobil) in recognition of their support, participation and sponsorship of Jeddah Traffic Directorate programs and activities relating to traffic safety and traffic rules, as well as their participation in GCC traffic week.

On this occasion, Mr. Khalid El-Tayeb, Director of Lubricants and Specialties at APSCO, expressed the company's thanks and appreciation to Jeddah traffic Directorate officials for this honor, and emphasized that the company's support to Jeddah Traffic Directorate is the duty of every citizen who is very concerned about the security of his country and the safety of citizens and residents.

Al-Tayeb also praised the great efforts of the Traffic Police for spreading spirit of cooperation between private companies for the best interest, security and safety of the community.

Noting that Colonel Zaid Al Hashim, Director of Public Relation Department at Jeddah Traffic Directorate, presented an honorary shield to Mr. Khalid Al-Tayeb for APSCO's participation in GCC Traffic week.