Mr. Ahmed El Ramly 2 - Copy

Jeddah- Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO) the marketer of Mobil 1 lubricants, renewed its sponsorship contractfor the Saudi 4 sport clubs including Alittihad and AlAlahli from Jeddah, and Alshabab from Riyadh, and this season APSCO
added Alittifaq from Dammam to its sponsorship umbrella, for the instant 2013 – 2014 football season, and thus, the footballers of the four clubs will wear Mobil 1 branded Jerseys during the season.

The sponsorship contract was signed through 'Sela' which have reached the sponsorship agreement with the mentioned sport clubs, from one side, and APSCO on the other side.

On this occasion, Ahmed Elramly, the marketing manager of APSCO, expressed the company's pride for the renewal of the sponsorship contract with such esteemed sport clubs and said: "It is the pride of any national company to link its name to these clubs."

He further pointed out that through this sponsorship; APSCO aims to participate in the support of the sports community in Saudi Arabia, in general, and football in particular, also based on its believe that the era of professionalism must be accompanied by the distinctive sponsorship program, and that investment in sport supports those programs, as well as the society of young people in Saudi Arabia. The sponsorship program provided by APSCO Mobil 1 comes within the general framework of its corporate social responsibility, being one of the major national companies operating in Saudi Arabia.

El ramly further added that APSCO benefits from such sponsorship through placing Mobil 1 logo on the Jerseys of the four sport clubs, in addition to more benefits branded banners around the playing fields in every match those teams play.

Following the signing of the contract, he said: "With the achieved success in the last two seasons with the top four sport clubs who have posted local and global achievements, we believe that the renewal of the sponsorship would add to our strategies, Thus, we decided to add Alitifaq sports club of Dammam to be under our umbrella and to be the fourth team of our group.

APSCO is one of the largest producers of lubricant, not in Saudi Arabia only, but in the Middle East. APSCO activities include marketing of Mobil lubricants, aviation fuel and marine bunkering.

It is our pride that the majority of Mobil Lubricants are locally blended. The company's products cover the needs a wide range of sectors including: motorists, cement, oil & Gas, petrochemicals, marine, general manufacturing and many others.

APSCO has a wide, extensive and effective network of distributors allows them to reach their customers at their locations faster and easier. This network is served by a considerably huge fleet, which conform to safety standards, for direct shipments to customers and between stations.


Jeddah - an update on the role of Social initiated by the Arabian Petroleum Supply Compan
(APSCO) with " Jeddah Sports Club" three years ago, and who whereby sponsored academic specialized in training young Indian in Jeddah from the age of 8 to 17 years of football skills .

On this occasion, Khalid Tayeb Director of Lubes and Specialities " APSCO " This care comes under the company's eagerness to support and support sports initiatives aimed the role of positive social , especially since the " Jeddah Sport Club Academy" does not aim from behind their activities to profit.

He pointed out that the academy includes a number of coaches who are capable of discerning the preparation of distinguished players in the football field.