DSC 4976Jeddah- The Arabian Petroleum Supply Company 'APSCO' held its annual meeting at Park Hyatt hotel in Jeddah with the presence of senior executives led by Mr. Mohammed Alireza, the Managing Director of the company. The meeting, as well, was attended by a number of senior officials and staff of the company. The meeting was held to mark the conclusion of last year's works, and to evaluate the success of the company's sales program and marketing strategy, through which APSCO achieved a lot of success that reflected in the substantial high sale figures. This occasion has become an annual event for APSCO family to celebrate its business achievements of the previous year as well as to discuss its aspirations for the next year.

At the event, the company carried out a comprehensive review of the company's achievements in terms of sales in local and international markets, especially after APSCO has become the dealer for Mobil operations in Lebanon and Yemen which reflected positively on the company's sales.

During the event, Mr. Mohammad Alireza, the Managing Director of the company, honoured a group of employees who have served the company for a long time. He also honoured a large number of employees, from various departments, in recognition of their keen efforts that they have made in 2012.

Meanwhile, Mr. Khalid Salah Al-Tayeb, Manager of Lubricants and Derivatives, in his speech at the event, commented on the company's works, challenges, successes and achievements in 2012 in terms of its marketing strategies and sales, which were successfully implemented and generated a significant rise in sales. He, as well, briefed the audience about the company's strategies and goals for the year 2013, and pointed out that everyone in the company, as usual, is determined to play his role in the implementation of the company's development projects with precision and perfection. He also thanked all company staff and urged them to spare no efforts to maintain the company's advanced position, which they made.

A number of head of sections spoke at the event about their activities and plans for this year, including Engineer Kamal Eldin Hussein, on behalf of Synthetic lubricants sector, and Mr. Anas Qayed on behalf of Car sales sector, and Mr. Tareq Khadher on behalf of Export sector. They all thanked company's staff in sectors for their cooperation and hard work to achieve dazzling successes.

A.El Ramly  Abdul Raheem Al JizawiJeddah- APSCO "Mobil 1" allocated a sporty car as a prize  for visitors of its page on the photos which have been taken for both clubs players with fans at APSCO "Mobil 1" stand in Jeddah Motor Show 2012.

Photos taken at the show were uploaded on the site of APSCO "Mobil 1" in the "Facebook" (https://www.facebook.com/ApscoMobil1). Surfer of the website is requested to enter "like" showing his admiration of a photo, the fan in the photo which gets the highest number of "like" will win the grand prize, the sporty car " Peugeot RCZ 2012", in addition tickets for Al-Ettihad and Al-Ahli matches in the Saudi Arabia Premier League.

On this occasion, Ahmed El-Ramly, Marketing Manager at APSCO "Mobil 1", assured that the company has allocated such valuable prize to the visitors of its page on the "Facebook" as an expression of its gratitude and pride of their continuous support, as well as to show its willingness to enhance communication with them, especially the fans of both clubs Al-Ettihad and Al-Ahli, who flocked in thousands at Mobil 1 stand to take memorial photos with the players.

He further noted that fans and players photo shooting event at Jeddah Motor Show enjoyed great success and reflects the great popularity of both clubs in Jeddah, it is, as well, and confirms correctness of APSCO "Mobil 1" drive in participating in the sponsorship and support of both clubs in the Saudi Arabia Premier League in order to post best results, and please the heart of the Pride of the Red Sea.