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APSCO - News

Khalid Altayeb PicJeddah- His Excellency Major General and chief of Police Saeed Abdullah Al-Qahtani honoured Khalid Salah Al-Tayeb, member of Quality Security Committee, in recognition of his efforts for cooperation with security bodies during the recent meeting of Quality Security Council, which was held at Jeddah Governorate premises with the presences of the Major General Al-Qahtani, who praised the efforts of the Council and its members.

Meanwhile, Khalid Al-Tayeb, General Manager of Lubricants at Saudi Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO) expressed his thanks and appreciation to the officials of Ministry of Interior for this honour, and stressed that his cooperation with the Police is his duty as a citizen in this country, as well as to realize his Royal Highness the Minister of Interior guideline that citizen is the first policeman.

HE Police Chief presented honorary certificate to Al-Tayeb in appreciation for his efforts in serving Jeddah city, he also praised the citizens for their efforts in this regard and their cooperation with the Police to provide better security services.

managing director Jeddah – Arab Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO), the strategic ally for Exxon Mobil in Saudi Arabia, and distributor for all Mobil-branded products in the Saudi market, announced the re-launch of its official website on the Internet with modern design, instant query results and one-click navigation.

On this occasion Mr. Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Alireza, the Managing Director of APSCO, said that the new website is part of the company's ongoing efforts to upgrade all of its facilities and production plants as well as the development of its products to meet its clients and industry requirements, and to maintain its position as major market player, thus, the company launches its website to be as close as possible to its clients to be able to serve them better and faster.

He added: "APSCO produces a complete range of petroleum derivatives under the locally and globally well-known brand (Mobil); for instance, we produce engine oils and lubricants. We, as well, market Mobil planes fuels, ships fuel and lubricants, and many similar products for local market and export to neighboring countries

Mr. Mohammad Ali Alireza added: "The diversity of our products and the wide geographic reach which we work in have made us strive to maintain easy communication with our branches, distribution outlets and clients all over Saudi Arabia and the neighboring countries. Hence, we had to exploit the Internet which provides an immediate access to essential information about APSCO products. "

Commenting on the launch of APSCO's website, A Ahmed Elramly, the Marketing Manager, said: "The Internet has become a major mean of communication at global and local levels. So, we needed to have an active presence on the internet to introduce our products and services to our clients, as well as enhance our communication with the local community where we work".

Elramly assured that APSCO's website ( contains complete information about the company, its latest news and products. Through various links linked to the site, visitors can reach all the information they need such as information about our products, addresses of our branches and distributors, they, as well, can gets price quotations and place purchase orders. In general, the website constitutes an immediate and integrated reference for everything related to the company and its products.