43Jeddah – Arabian Petroleum Supply Co. Ltd., (APSCO), dealer of Mobil Oil in Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, promotional and awareness campaign was a huge success. The campaign with goal of increasing the public awareness of using high quality engine oil was launched within the general framework of APSCO's corporate social responsibility.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed El-Ramly, Marketing Manager of Mobil Oil in Saudi Arabia, expressed his happiness with the great interaction of consumers in Saudi Arabia with the campaign, which was behind its huge success. At the press conference held by the company to announce names of contest winners, he said:"One of the most important goals of the campaign was to increase public awareness of engine oil and lubricants, but most importantly, to raise consumers' awareness of the need to use genuine engine oil as using counterfeit and adulterated oil have become a burden on the environment, the national economy and the consumer."

Mr. El-Ramly emphasized the importance of choosing genuine engine oil as it plays great role in prolonging engine life and protecting it. In this regard, Mobil oils are world's best quality oils and are used widely in Saudi Arabia.

He added: "In our campaign we have adopted various communication channels including social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, daily newspapers, outdoor advertising campaigns in major cities in Saudi Arabia, along with stands at major malls in order to reach the largest possible segment of public to achieve maximum benefit from the campaign and to communicate information accurately, the campaign enjoyed an overwhelming response. "

Upon announcing names of contest winners, APSCO presented voluble prizes to them including BlackBerry and iPhone mobile phones and iPads, in addition to the grand prize of the contest, a "Mazda 3" car model 2011, which was won by Khaled Salem from Riyadh.

Meanwhile, Mr. Khalid Al-Tayeb, General Manager of Lubricants at "APSCO" pointed out that the company produces Mobil oils in Saudi Arabia for more than 50 years, it is one of the early leading industrial companies in the Kingdom, and has made many achievements in its field. APSCO produces a wide range of products such as industrial, commercial, marine and aviation oils and lubricants, the company, as well, supplies fuel , oil and lubricants to ships and aircrafts.

He added: "We play a great role in community development through supporting various programs and awareness campaigns, in addition to providing significant support to motorsport, such role represents an important part of our strategy objectives which based on the company's belief in the need to unite all segments of the society for the benefit and well-being of all citizens and residents.

Mobil oil produces and markets a wide range of world's best lubricants in Saudi Arabia including Mobil Super 1000 XHP, 30W 10 class and Super 1000 turbo. Mobil oils are of high quality and each group is used for different applications. Mobil oil gained a great reputation worldwide and it is considered as # 1 oil in F1 races.

The campaign started two months ago and enjoyed a great response where a large number of consumers participated through answering the contest.

9Jeddah- His Excellency Police Chief Major General Saeed Abdullah Al-Qahtani honoured Khalid Salah Al-Tayeb, member of Quality Security Committee, in recognition of his efforts for cooperation with security bodies during the recent meeting of Quality Security Council, which was held at Jeddah Governorate premises with the presences of the Major General Al-Qahtani, who praised the efforts of the

Council and its members.