Khalid-Al-Tayeb-01In continuation of the great of Luxury Motor Show (EXCS) success, its 5th edition will take place at Four Seasons hotel in Riyadh next month, October 2011. For the third consecutive year, Saudi Petroleum Supply Company Limited (APSCO), manufacturers of Mobil oil, participates in this great show as major sponsor. After signing the sponsorship agreement with Specialized Systems for Exhibitions and Conventions, the show organizer, Khalid Al-Tayeb, General Manager of Lubricants at APSCO, commented on their participation in the show as saying that (EXCS) commensurate with the strategic plans of APSCO.

Al-Tayeb confirmed the importance of participation in this specialized exhibition where world's most luxurious sporty cars such as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and many other famous brands that use Mobil 1 oil, are showcased.

He added: "We have realized that our sponsorship of the Luxury Motor Show (EXCS) constitutes an important platform for introducing our products and services to our clients in view of its high standards and success of its past editions."

He further said: "Mobil 1 oil is one of the world's most important lubricants that provide full protection for engines of many luxury brands. Mobi1 1 oil is a major sponsor for Mercedes McLaren F1 racing team, and participates and sponsors many sport and social events which are in line with our marketing strategy." Al-Tayeb added: "We participated in both the 3rd and 4th editions of EXCS and we were impressed with its great importance, hence, we decided to participate in its 5th edition as major sponsor in order to be close to our clients and be part of its success."

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Shemasi, CEO of the organizing company expressed his appreciation for APSCO sponsorship of the show and said: "Participation of such large national company represents an important motive for the development and elevation of this specialized luxury motor show. We are very proud of this sponsorship, which, for sure, will ensure its success and increase number of visitors."

There will be a special stand for APSCO to promote Mobil 1 oil, as well as, to ensure great awareness and strong exposure of the highest quality of Mobil 1 oil.

6Jeddah- In its framework of providing ongoing technical support to its customers in various sectors, the Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO), held a technical seminar for large cement manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia.

The objective of the seminar was to provide its customers in cement manufacturing and production industry with high technical information about the importance of the use of high quality lubricating oils ensure reduction in maintenance costs and increasing of production capacity.  As well as to introduce its new range of "Mobil SHC" lubricating oil, as being the largest sector of lubricants  in view of the large equipment that is used in cement manufacture industry.  of cement, and the growing need for the use of lubricants of  high efficiency  to long life of equipments, in addition to increase its  productivity and reducing of maintenance need.

"Mobil SHC" range of synthetic lubricating oil is of high quality as being produced by Exxon Mobil in collaboration with APSCO, which will provide most important factors in supporting the efficient operation of equipment and increase production capacity, especially in industry where tough work environment required, such as the cement industry.

In view of the great interest of Exxon Mobil to support  the cement industry with its high quality products,  a large number of Exxon Mobil experts attended the seminar,  in order to give clear picture about the new product, including Mr. Gilles de Lafargue , Industrial Products Technical Advisor, Mr. Akram Reda, Industrial Marketing Advisor, Mr. Mohammed Nabil, Field Engineering Manager, and Mr. Amr Waffa, PVL Products Technical Advisor.

Meanwhile, senior officials of the Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO) attended the seminar including Mr. Kamal Eldin Hussein, Sales Manager KSA, and engineer Ahmed Alramly, Maketing Manager KSA.

In this regard, Mr. Kamal Eldin Hussein, Sales Manager KSA commented on the event by saying that in line with the company's strategic plan toward the enhancement of our partnership with all our customers in different sectors, APSCO built its dedicated effort to cement industry in away that guarantees an added value through its unmatched "Mobil SHC" line of products accompanied with a unique service package through its well trained staff.

On the other hand, Engineer  Ahmed Alramly, Marketing Manager KSA,  pointed out that  the number of attendees,  of our partners in cement manufacture industry  was beyond our expectations, which reflects the confidence of our customers in APSCO and our high-quality products of lubricating oil, especially "Mobil SHC".

He added: "We are confident that our products will enjoy high demand from our customers in view of its high quality. Our products had undergone extreme testing in our laboratories in cooperation with many equipment manufacturers worldwide to ensure its high efficiency and adaptation in the world to be adapted by most international factories specialized in production of heavy machineries and equipment. We are very keen to maintain our esteemed group of our customers, especially those working in the field of cement industry in view of their large consumption of lubricants, we consider them as partners in our work, and we are  very interested to listen to their opinions and views in our products. "