Message from Managing Director

managing directorSince its establishment, APSCO management clearly defined its vision to be the leading company in the area of high quality of Lubricants and fuel supply through applying of the best industry standards, community development, and maintaining superior performance of its work team,

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Aviation Fuel

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APSCO is considered one of the main pillar in the Aviation fuel supply chain in KSA

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APSCO is the exclusive Marketer for MOBIL brand in kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Yemen.....

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In a non-surprising kind gesture from the homeland people, APSCO, in cooperation with the officials of Ta’if International Airport, visited the soldiers that were wounded during the southern border clashes and those who participated in “Determination Storm Operation and Restore Hope Operation” at the Armed Forces Hospital in Taif, as an extension of love to this country, its leaders and their wise leadership and as an appreciation to their sacrifices and achievements.

During the visit, the Director General of Taif International Airport, Architect Abdul Wahab Ben Abdul Rashid Bukhari praised the heroic act carried out by our brave soldiers on the southern border, their efforts and their dedication to protect this blessed homeland, which he will record in history with gold water, and tell the coming generations about the strength and determination of our dear homeland defenders.

On the occasion of this visit, APSCO was honored by Major General Dr. Hamid Al-Ghamdi, Director of Armed Forces Hospitals in Taif Governorate.