ExxonMobil’s Signum Oil Analysis program is designed to provide end-users in the industrial and commercial vehicle sectors with comprehensive oil analysis that reports on equipment, lubricant and contaminant trends in critical equipment. It is especially useful for maintenance professionals seeking to increase productivity.

For more information about this powerful analytical tool, its options and on-line reporting features, please visit the dedicated Mobil Signum Oil Analysis website.

Conventional used oil analysis program

APSCO operates a world class Laboratory that ensures the quality of its products at all to manufacturing levels. It also supports our customers to improve their equipment performance by providing the used oil Analysis program (UOA) for conditional monitoring. UOA provides customers with the following tests:
Viscosity, TBN, Metal Content, Flash point, oxidation

Field Visits by dedicated engineers

Our experts welcome customer’s requests for field visit for troubleshooting and improving Lubrication practices.


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